Yifat co-founded ORTO-Da Theatre Group with Yinon. An exceptionally sharp thinker with an inner strength. In
her writing, she creates an original language that is committed to a wise and exciting message. Yifat is a rare
director and artist with a broad perception who is penetrating and all engaging.
Date of birth: 16 March 1970
Birthplace: Kiryat Gat, Israel
Meaning of name: The radiance of endless beauty and splendour, abundant magnificence and affability.
When used as a verb, its meaning is to utter the sound of a sheep or a goat
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Marital status: Married and a mother to Tohar
Yifat loves: People and the peacefulness of the morning; she loves to clean up everyone’s mess, to dive deep
into the soul with great tenderness; loves bold frankness and to drive wildly through the desert; original
thinkers, finding beauty, long showers and fine wine
Yifat hates: Cooking, bureaucracy, doing the dishing and all household chores; she hates shouting, coldness
and standoffish people, people who live in the past and those who patronise others, and especially coarse
toilet paper
Favourite colour: Sleepy blue
Blood type: M&N