Can you beat time?

That is the subject Naomi Hershtein discusses in her lectures. But today something happens that makes her stray from the planned route of her lecture. Memories from the past and thoughts about the future play tricks on her perception. She is overcome with fear about what she must tell her child. Until eventually she comes to terms with the disorder that fills her world, and understands how in spite of it all one can contain one’s own mortality.

A Play by Nir Strauss

Director: Sara Von Schwarze
Actor: Adi Gilat
Assistant director: Gil Seri
Set Design: Avi Sechvi
Lighting: Uri Morag
Video Design: Itamar Luria
Music: Sagie Zoref
Costumes: Mor Hemed
Sound Editor: Daniel Za’afrany
Props: Tova Berman
Artistic consultation: Yinon Tzafrir
A presentation of Orto-Da theatre group.

From the Press:

” Gilat, who benefits from the excellent direction of director Sara Von Schwarze (a good word also to Video Art man Itamar Luria, Musician Sagie Zoref, and Lighting designer Uri Morag), gives a perfect performance,  A highly nuanced work, that touches on a vibrating nerve. Thanks to all involved in the show ‘Taking out the kid’ is hypnotizing.”

Ofir Hillel (NRG)


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