A new humane comedy, a parable about lives that supposedly exist somewhere else and about a world so modern that leads to a loss of uniqueness and identity.

Terminal 1″ describes a day in the lives of the airport terminal workers, which find themselves in the middle of a pilots strike. Their soul, thirsty for a different place after spending every day in the same place, awakes and exploits the temporary remission to discover that “the whole world is a narrow terminal“, and the most important part is not to be afraid to fulfill their hidden dreams.

By: Yinon Tzafrir and Yifat Zandani Tzafrir
Direction: Yinon Tzafrir and Daniel Zafrani
Props design: Tova Berman and Pancho Edelberg
Costume Design: Mor Hemed and Dalia Pen
Lighting: Uri Morag
Sound editing: Michael Marks
Dramaturgy: Avraham Dana
Artistic guidance: Avi Gibson Bar-El
Artistic advisor: Amir Orian
Cast: Ruth Toby, Lia Hazin, Iris Volcan, Neama Yakobovich, Yinon Tzafrir


לוגו תרבות וספורט באנגלית
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